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Salon B- Episode 10: Indigenous Stories, Colonialism, and Play

In this episode we discuss a variety of topics related to Indigeneity, colonialism, and play. Guests on this episode include friends of the Berghahn journal ‘Girlhood Studies,’ author Emily Aguilo-Perez, and book editors Tiina Äikäs and Anna-Kaisa Salmi.

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KidLit These Days- Episode 22: Serving Up the 2020 Youth Media Awards

Matthew and Nicole discuss the results of the 2020 Youth Media Awards, highlight some of their favorite books recognized, and how this awards year could impact the future of publishing. Joining is special guest Dr. Emily R. Aguiló-Pérez, who served on the 2018 Pura Belpré Award committee.

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Growing Up 2000s, Ep. 2: “That’s Advertainment!”

Join Christopher Borroughs and special guest Dr. Emily Aguiló-Pérez as we discuss the so-called “advergames” of the 2000s, such as Millsberry, Candystand, and Postopia!

“Not Your Mother’s Barbie: How Mattel’s New Dolls Aspire to Inspire” Knowledge@Wharton Podcast

The Knowledge@Wharton show on SiriusXM channel 111 gathered three retail experts to analyze Mattel’s new brand strategy for Barbie: Wharton marketing professor Barbara Kahn; Miro Copic, a San Diego State University marketing lecturer and former chief marketing officer at Hasbro; and Emily Aguilo-Perez, an education professor at Penn State University, whose dissertation focused on Barbie’s influence on girls in Puerto Rico. 

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“Deconstructing Barbie” ENG 400: Barbie(and Dolls) in Girlhood and Feminism

Written by Madison Starinieri

A short piece in which some of the students from my Spring 2020 English Seminar share their “Deconstructing Barbie” projects.

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Are we really just Barbie girls in a Barbie world?

“Shiny blonde hair, plump pink lips and legs for miles. Barbie has been the ‘It Girl’ since 1959, but what does she really mean for the future of womanhood?” Includes an interview with me.

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Latinx Read-In exposes Penn State community to Latinx literature

Written by Adriana Lacy

Article on Penn State’s The Underground detailing a Latinx Read-In on Nov. 10, 2017, which I helped organize: “Members of the Penn State community stopped by the HUB-Robeson’s Monumental Staircase Friday to participate in the first Latinx Read-In, a program sponsored by the Multicultural Office in the College of Education.”

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